What happened to Golden Sorya Mall AKA Phnom Penh Pub Street – 2022

Golden Sorya Mall

Veteran visitors to Phnom Penh will know of magical place known as Golden Sorya Mall. Back in the day this place was full of independent bars and was colloquially known as THE Phnom Penh Pub Street.

Yet despite limping on through Covid, the last bar at Golden Sorya mall has now closed and the place lays dormant as a drug infested “freelancer” frequenting hell on earth. So what went wrong here and what is there to do at Golden Sorya Mall?

Golden Sorya Mall – Phnom Penh Pub Street History

Originally founded on the top of the iconic Street 172 it offered a classic pub street vibe. Lots of set areas for people to make bars and make it their own. This led to its of very unimaginative places nearing names such as Obamas Bar”, some cheap eastern food and an overall over-priced, but happy enough vibe.

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During the glory days of Phnom Penh an eclectic crowd assembled at Golden Sorya mall, from tourists to drinkers and of course freelancers. At this time though again the crowd was “mixed” meaning you could find what you were looking for without it being rammed down your throat. Now things are different.

Photos: Golden Sorya Mall (2018-2019)

The Demise of Golden Sorya Mall

The demise came as quick as Covid itself and like the disease moved like a virus. Firstly the tourists left, then the locals with morals left and then there was lockdown. Lockdown did what lockdowns do and operated the string from the Canadian and thus many bars closed.

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What was thus left post Covid thus resembled what you would think the area might look like after a nuclear war. This is in that it was not the fittest who had survived, but literally only the cockroaches.

What is Golden Sorya Mall like in 2022?

As of now the pub street part recently lost its last bar, the last holdout that occupied the entrance to Pub Street. The building though still remain, although they are largely empty.

I say largely because there are still people sleeping in them, selling drugs from them selling their elderly bodies from them and if the smell is anything to go by then urinating a lot in them. No one knows what the pans for the area are, but one would only hope that knocking it down is at least an option.

And as for what you can still do on the street, well the Phnom Penh Pub Street might be closed, but there are still girly bars, 24 hour hobo restaurants and a nightclub here, namely the infamous Pontoon, another place where freelancers are allowed to roam free.

And as for the clientele of the street? Well far be it from me to be a snob, but for all intents the patrons of this part of 172 tend to fall into the gods waiting room category and this is not just the guys.

In many respects this place looks like the knackers yard for both Phnom Penh street walkers, as well as John’s. So, do come to Golden Sorya Mall if you want to find an elderly Phnom Penh Street Walker, or drugs. Do not come here if you are not comfortable with that feeling “dirty”ambience that only some places can give….

RIP Golden Sorya Mall