Best fish and chip shop in Lordwood – Anchor Sea Fry

best fish and chip

While Lordswood might not be a big metropolis, it is where I spent my teenage years and thus somewhere I have an opinion on, such as the best fish and chip shop in Lordswood.

To avoid too much foreplay the answer to this is Anchor Sea Fry, or Anchor Sea Fry, depending in how you write things.

What the Lordswood

A small town in the Medway Towns and nominally at least part of Chatham. Chatham was where the Chav was born, but that is tale for another time.

I lived here with my family until leaving fro Bangladesh at 15 closest followed by Strood. A boring town yes, but with enough to do to keep 15 year olds being naughty. Oh and my father also lives here.

Chip shops in Lordswoof

There is not much chip shop action now in these parts of the world, save Walderslate Village, where there are great kebabs and “the Kestrel”, where I used to know the owner.

Now while this leaves Anchor Sea Fry as a last man standing type deal, tech fact is that they are still standing is testament to how good they are.

And while they have gone through various incarnations, they have largely remained the same.

What do they sell at the best fish nd chip shop in Lordswood?

Thankfully Anchor Sea Fry have stuck toothier guns in order to make great fish and chips. The chips here range from a few quid to 10 quid ($12) for a big portion. I could not even finish this.

Good fish like cod are close too the 10 quid mark, but this is normal for the industry. I fed three of us for about $35, which is not all that bad.

They have the best pies in the UK – Pukka pies, as well as burgers, saveloys, battered sausages and pickled onions and eggs. These were both of good quality.

The saveloys here are truly British great, which means sorry Papua New Guinea saveloy, they are better then yours.

Ans it of these reasons among others that Anchor Sea Fry is not just the best fish and chips in Lordswood, but dare one say Chatham and even Medway?

One though would not go as far as Kent, with that honour going to a little place I know in Sheppey.