Best Turkish Restaurant in Strood – Beyaba


Looking for somewhere to take my mum and stepdad, it was suggested that we went to the best Turkish restaurant in Strood, namely Beyaba.

What was here suggested? Because my mum has been here, and aside from pointing out spelling mistakes said it was good.

What the Strood?

Strood is basically a shit hole, but by god it is my Shit Hole! This was a place I went to school in 1996 and 1997, and also where I first lived by myself.

It was also where the girlfriend I had in 2001 lived before I went to Bacchus Winer Bar, which by fate is also why my mum lives here. A long and very complicated story….

Sadly for Strood it is opposite Rochester, which is quite nice and is where I went for beers just after the food. Also not as bad as Sheppey.

What the Beyaba?

Now you might ask why there is a Turkish restaurant in Strood of all places, but in reality one should ask why not? Strood has multiple kebab shops within a 15 minute walk, with one Strood Kebab shop being quite literally next door.

Kebabs sell Turkish cuisine, so ergo there should be more Turkish restaurants. In fact I thought this was an offshoot of Strood Kebabs. It is not, at all, with the waitress explaining not only were they barred, but that for all intents they hated each other.

Address of Bayaba Turkish restaurant

Strood High Street (next door to Strood Kebab)





Look for the old pub on the high street that is no longer there. You have arrived.

The food at Beyaba Turkish Restaurant Strood

A nice steady menu with all the classics. We went for shared maze starter, which was very good and came with all the dips. With hindsight this was probably a bad idea with me literally coming to Egypt right after…

Now, the main courses! When I go home I have a kebab, this is a donner kebab, or as you feign devils might saw shawarma. Alas they did not have this and suggested kofta as it would be the same. Kofta, whilst the national of Egypt and one I have enjoyed in Albania was just not what I was in the mood for. With the chips and vinegar too I might as well have asked for a pickled egg.

And the price? While multiple beers were had $120 seemed steep for 4 adults and one child. Yet despite this it was decent, a nice change for Strood and something that I truly hope survives what is really quite a cut throat market.

That is of course unless it is just a way to launder money, much like the rest of the high street. Still there is always fish and chips….