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Best Gyros in Phnom Penh – Souvlaki Restaurant

Best Gyros in Phnom Penh - Souvlaki Restaurant

As we walked toward Souvlaki Restaurant in Phnom Pemh my friend stated “this is some of the best Greek Food in Phnom Penh”. I do not doubt he is right, but then you can be the best at anything if it is obscure enough.

This is not to say that I do not think that Greek food is great, because it is, but Cambodia is not exactly overrun by Greek food. Also most people here would know a shawarma over a gyros.

What the Souvlaki Restaurant Phnom Penh?

Located in downtown Phnom Penh this is indeed one o the most well known Greek restaurants of the 3, or so that there are. Location wise it is popular when it is not hotter than the sun due its outdoor element. Sadly on the day we went there was not only a heat wave, but the AC inside had broken. Alas this is when I thought the owner should have A; Fixed before opening, or B; Stayed closed.

He did neither and while it was temping to leave we did in fact stay. The others got Gyros, while I initially sat wiping sweat from my eyes.

Souvlaki Restaurant Address;

454 Street

Phnom Penh


Kingdom of Cambodia

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And the food at Souvlaki Restaurant?

To be for the menu at Souvlaki Restaurant is a full Greek one, but I have not seen anyone indulging that much in the main courses, but instead treating it more like a kebab stand, or rather Gyros stand.

What is the difference between a Gyros and Shawarma? This is a question for another article, but to summarize one is Greek and might include pork, the other isn’t and doesn’t.

So the Gyros in Souvlaki Restaurant Phnom Penh? Well it looks great and indeed tastes great, as well as coming in 4 variants, but it costs $10 a pop. This is probably Greek prices, but for Cambodia is a bit much for a lunchtime snack…

I even managed to drop $8 for feta cheese on fries, with a coke….

I’ll wait until I’m in Cyprus for my next kebab maybe….