Where is the best place to watch football in Phnom Penh? The Big Easy

football in Phnom Penh

Where is the best place to watch football in Phnom Penh? The easy answer to this is the Big Easy Bar on the legendary Street 172 near the riverside in Phnom Penh.

Why though is it the best place in Phnom Penh to watch football? Here is the Street Food Guy analysis on things!

Where can you watch football in Phnom Penh?

Due to the amount of expats in Cambodia there are actually a on of options for where you can watch football in the capital, with them being of varying quality.

The most popular place to watch football in Phnom Penh is Score Bar in TTP. This place is defiantly the biggest place, as well as having the best screens, but that does not make it the best.

Big Easy vs Score Bar – Because Score Bar is so popular on big matches, such as those of England it is almost impossible to get a seat here. Worse still they are known to charge entrance, as well as raise their prices. The Big Easy certainly gets busy. But the prices always remain the same.

Other places of note are Offside Burger Bar, Lucky Girl Sports Bar, or all manor of places that line Streets 130 and beyond……

So why is The Big Easy the best place to watch football in Phnom Penh?

Firstly and as already stated no matter how busy that they get the prices remain the same no matter what. This is something heavily complicated by the fact that the staff at The Big Easy are some of the best and most honest within the capital.

Secondly the prices that remain the same are damed bloody good. Essentially the Big Easy is a top bar, but it is not up its own ass like the bars of Bassac or BKK.

Therefore beers and even their great Long Island Iced Teas are some of the best value within the city.

But of course price and service are just one thing, how about watching the actual football? Well there are screens littered throughout the two floors of the bar which mean that either one huge game can be covered, or different sets of fans, as well as matches taking place at the same time. I was here for England vs France, which although I didn’t;t get the result I wanted, I did get the ambiance.

And lastly this is the only place that I have found that will on occasion even play games from the Cambodian Premier League.

You can read about what it is like to watch football in Cambodia here.

What The Big Easy

You can find the best place to watch football in Phnom Penh at the very bottom of the legendary Street 172 near the riverside. As well as drinks they serve great food, with their poutine being perhaps the best in the capital. They are also next to a very decent Ethiopian restaurant – who also do great cocktails.

The Big Easy Address;

4, Street 172, Chey Chumneas,

Daun Penh Phnom Penh Municipality,


Kingdom of Cambodia

And if all that were not enough for you, there are also branches in other cities, with the best place to watch football in Siem Reap and Koh Rong Sanloem both also being at The Big Easy.