Best Ethiopian Restaurant in Phnom Penh – Addis Ethiopian Restaurant

Ethiopian Restaurant

Perhaps one of the most underrated cuisines in the world, Ethiopian food is generally loved by those that have tried it. Therefore you can indeed find it in mots global cites! So, can you get it in Phnom Penh and if so where is the best Ethiopian Restaurant in the capital?

The short answer to this is Addis Ethiopian Restaurant on the legendary Street 172.

Where the Addis Ethiopian Restaurant Phnom Penh?

It is located on the fairly infamous Street 172, a place that has a rich mixture of restaurants, normal bars, cheap bars and girly bars – although this no Street 130 either…….

Addis Ethiopian Restaurant Address;

Jayavarman 7 St. (172),

Phnom Penh

Kingdom of Cambodia

Ins short bottom of the street and next to Smile and The Big Easy.

Best Ethiopian Restaurant in Phnom Penh – The Addis Menu

The menu at Addis can be described as pretty eclectic, but also extremely authentic, with them avoiding the trope of most ethnic restaurants by not offering either a western, to Cambodian alternative to things.

And this is very evident by the names of the dishes, such as Kitfo, Zilziltibs,and Define Misir. In fact if you are not familiar with Ethiopian cuisine then you will not recognize all that much on the menu.

Do not though let this put you off as not only are there excellent explanations on the menu itself, but the staff here are also experts at letting you know what is good to order.

How do you eat Ethiopian food?

Although not always the case, 90 percent of Ethiopian food, and even Eritrean food is eaten with injera, a sour dough bread that has an almost lime like twang to it. Food is then placed on more bread and you then use the injera as both your utensil as well as the accompaniment to your meal.

This is a dish that is very love hate, but also one that if you do not like then you will probably not really like Thespian food all that much….

For me though, as is someone who has eaten a lot of cuisine from this region, injera particularly, then Addis Ethiopian Restaurant is about as authentic as it gets.

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And the vibe at the best Ethiopian Restaurant in Phnom Penh?

So, dishes here are not cheap nor expensive, with most dominion around $6-12, with injera included for the most part. Like Chinese or other foods this is cuisine that is supposed to be shared, so the best case scenario is 4-5 of you cowing down and sharing dishes.

Drinks wise they have cheap local beers, as well as Long Island Iced Teas for $5, which they even decided top make stronger for us simply because “we were doing so well”.

What is not to love about that?