Best Sports Bar in Erbil – Buffalo Wings and Rings Sports Bar

Buffalo Wings and Rings

Formerly a backwater of Iraq, Kurdistan is an very changing place and that includes a bustling nightlife. So, what is the best sports bar in Erbil, Kurdistan? That would be Buffalo Wings and Rings!

My last trip to Kurdistan was in 2015, a poignant time when Kurdistan enjoyed a degree of independence, but was also on the verge of war with Islamic State. This created a weird heaven and hell situation where I saw the Peshmerga fighting on the front line, before heading off to a hedonistic pool party. Truly strange times.

Nine years later though there has been HUGE development, more money and thus more leisure time. Kurdistan is another classic place where Christians make and sell alcohol, but is the Muslims that drink it…..

The Erbil nightlife scene…

Erbil is the capital of Kurdistan, or rather Iraqi Kurdistan – bot to be confused with Turkish, Iranian, or Syrian Kurdistan – and it is only the later that also has any semblance of independence.

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So, as the capital of the country, as well as one that has Muslim, Christians, Yazidi Armenians and a whose heap of others this is an eclectic place to eat drink, or party.

Previously drinking was largely focused around the Christian district in Erbil, but this is no longer the case, particularly with the opening of Dream City.

Dream City Erbil

Formerly Dream City was a new residential development. Apparently this has even invited the selling of the most expensive house within the country for $10 million. Personally If I had 10 mil I probably would not buy digs in Erbil, but I digress…

The street though is now bustling with bars, expensive nightclubs, the best restaurants in Erbil, cheap fast food and conveniently the best sports bar in Erbil.

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The best sports bar in Erbil – Buffalo Wings and Rings

Amazingly there are now lots of sports bars within Erbil, something not the case at all 9 years ago. And while I only managed to sample a few, I also have local advisors helping me here.

Thus I was let to Buffalo Wings and Rings in Dream City! As mentioned this fine establishment is full of and Buffalo Wings and Rings is slap bang in the middle of it. The only downside? This makes it a tad difficult to park your car at.

Buffalo Wings and Rings Sports Bar sits on two floors, with the bar and all the hype being on the second floor. By the looks of things the initial idea was to show American sports, but hey everyone likes Football/Soccer…..

Drinks wise they offer decent draft beer, if not slightly unimaginative, but also famously good cocktails. I personally had myself a pitcher of Electric Lemonade. This is basically a Long Island Iced Tea, but where you swap coke for sprite. I did also neck a pint for others amusement, as you will see in the TikTok.

The food also was pretty tip top, with us sharing arguably the best chicken wings within the city, as well as a truly fine big starter platter.

Therefore if you have not been to these parts for a while and need to know the 411, then head to Dream City and, or Buffalo Wings and Rings to get your groove on.