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Best Street Food Bangkok – The China Town Guide

Best Street Food Bangkok - The China Town Guide

Where’s the best street food Bangkok? When it comes to street eats then Thailand is one of the best countries in the world and Bangkok as the capital city offers the best of the best. So, where is the best street food in Bangkok, that would be Bangkok’s Chinatown.

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What’s the story with Chinatown in Bangkok?

While China and Thailand might have a love/hate relationship they have at least had a relationship for a long time. The China Town in Bangkok thus dates back to 1782, back when the city was established.

A lot has happened during this town and it has grown into a relatively huge area, with people living here, lots of business and of course the Bangkok Chinatown night market – the place to go for street food in Bangkok.

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Best Street Food Bangkok – How to get to Chinatown

Located around Sampheng this is very much downtown Bangkok. Location wise it is literally in walking distance of Khao San Road and Bangkok Railway station, both very convenient places in the capital.

Getting here by the Bangkok MRT subway is pretty easy, it is just one stop from Bangkok Railway station, as well as hosting a few stops. Sam Yot on the Blue Line is the best way to get yourself to the Chinatown night market.

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Chinatown Bangkok Layout

Coming from the MRT station you can head up onto the main road via few side streets that offer classic Chinese restaurants, as well as street food. It is though the main road where you will find all the action.

From Tuesday to Sunday this street, which also has traffic is literally full of food trucks, street food stalls and roadside shops offering literally everything you could wish for, from classic Chinese, to fusion and of course Thai dishes with a Chinese flair.

When it comes to a melting pot of the best foods in Asia, Chinatown Bangkok surely takes some beating.

What should you eat in Bangkok China Town?

Do not make the mistake of having McDonalds for lunch! In my defence there is no McDonalds in Cambodia (where I live). Come here truly hungry and just indulge. This is the best street food Bangkok has to offer.

So, here’s 5 must try street foods at Bangkok China Town

5) Fruit and fruit juices

Bangkok has great fruit and China Town night market is the place to come and try it. There is a tonne of fruit on sale that can be purchased, tried or had as a juice. I honestly saw and tried the best pomegranate and juice that I have ever had here.

4) Pad Thai in China Town

While considered the quintessential Thai dish it of course originates in China. There are a bunch of places usually on the side streets hawking this stuff out. Made all the better by having it with the local hot sauce.

3) Street BBQ in Chinatown

Not all that different from what you would get at a normal Thai BBQ, but also a bit more similar to Kau Rou China style. What makes this a Bangkok street food fusion delight is you get the spicy peanut sauce to mix it with. Truly top marks.

2) Pork on a stick

There is probably a fancy Thai word for this, but whatever. These are bog fat sticks of pork again served with a spicy sauce that can just be munched upon when you stroll through the night market of China Town in Bangkok. They have these in Cambodia too and of course all over Thailand, but this variant took some beating.

1) Squid at street market in China Town

Formerly I felt the best squid in the world was to be found in Kep and Cambodia in general, but wow I was wrong. There is seafood galore along these streets, but it is the literal mountains of squid and cuttlefish that grab you. Cooked to your liking and mixed together in a pot of heaven, when it comes to best street food in Bangkok this is the best of the best by a long shot.

So, if you are looking for the best street food Bangkok has to offer then get your ass down to the night market in Chinatown, if nothing else it sure does beat the crowds of Khao San Road.