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Williams Bar La Union

Williams Bar

La Union os one of the stranger provinces and places within the Philippines. This is because despite being by a whole coastline of beaches there is not that much beach fun. It is here that I discovered Williams Bar La Union.

Why was I in La Union? Quite simply as a place to break the journey from Batac to Manila on our Extreme Philippines Tour.

What the Williams Bar?

Located in La Union Williams Surfers Point AKA Williams Bar ad Restaurant is one of those classic small town, small beach stoner type places. On the evening we went in the staff seemed just as stoned as the owner – but I needed William for a miracle.

Williams Bar Address;

San Fernando,

La Union,


Right off the main street and head to the beach via the signs.

Eating and drinking at Williams Bar La Union

The miracle I needed was for ten meals, for ten people, as well as drinks and entertainment. William and his staff were up for the challenge and we ent through the process of ordering food. This was not as easy as you would think, with many – mostly fishes being out of stock.

We need though manage a smattering of Filipino food on the beach, which although it took 2 hours to arrive, did in fact go down extremely well. Price wise 10 people were served for just under $100.

Highlights? I enjoyed both the Kinilaw, as well as the pure tuna sashimi, even if it was not up to Tuvalu standards.

I did though make the members of the Extreme Philippines Tour happy.

And the drinks at Williams Bar La Union?

I was actually doing #ColaQuest this night, so was not on the booze, but amazingly the staff managed to run around and fix a bunch of Margaritas, a feat of ingenuity and definitely unexpected judging by the glasses used. Williams Bar is not exactly the Manila Hotel.

But again they did a Jon and at least helped me get out of a pickle. William for his part was great enough to present he was my friend that night. Now I would go as far as saying that he actually is, at least a bit.