Can you do Keto in Vietnam in 2024?

While the keto diet has lost some of its prestige over the last few years there are still a few of us that star by it. Which leads us to Vietnam the least obese country on earth, but can you do keto in Vietnam?

Thankfully the answer is that ye you can do keto in Vietnam but alas it will mean missing some of the best foods within the country. And this is because Vietnam has not only some of the best noodles in the world, but also in my humble opinion the best street food that there is.

Non Keto Vietnamese cuisine

I will do an article later on why Vietnam is the last obese country on earth, but spoiler alert it is not at all because they do keto. In fact the Vietnamese diet is pretty far away from the keto diet.

Generally speaking they eat a lot of noodles, with famous dishes such as pho and bung bo Hue, as well as lots of rice. Combine this with the fact that they do great sandwiches (banh mi) and you might think that you are shit out of luck,

D not disappear though and remember that they were also a French colony.

Keto in Vietnam – what you can eat

The Vietnamese are huge into street BBQ, which largely consists of meat on a stick. This is all kinds of meat on all kinds of sticks, as well as including a whole heap of seafood and the like, Of course all of this is what we would call keto friendly. And while I would not advocate it and am simply just saying, they do eat dog here too. Dog is keto friendly.

Vietnam is also an egg nation, with boiled eggs sold everywhere. And this also includes their version of balut, which when served with tamarind is frankly amazing.

One of the best keto dishes I have seen in Vietnam and particularly Saigon was not just a great fusion dish, but also quintessentially keto. Said dish is like hot pot, with you cooking the meat in front of you, but you cook it in butter. France we truly do salute you.

Keto in Vietnam – what can you drink?

Vietnam is truly a beer swigging nation, I mean Bia Hoi anyone? There are though some keto fondly drinks. Firstly you have the super strong Vietnamese rice wine – which is slightly better than in China, but also vodka.

Vietnam as a former Russian ally not only imports the stiff, but also make sits own, which is not that bad. I even got to try some Russian hooch in Phu Quoc although the Russians there are more linked to Ukraine than the former USSR.

And lastly the drink I love, but one that is controversial in th keto society, which is soju. This can be gotten almost everywhere in the country., but if you want to at least appear to be trying to be good then avoid the sugar ridden flavored crap.

So, there you have it, keto it Vietnam is not just possible, bit scores a mere 5/10 on the keto difficulty index.