Sun Viet Beach Resort and Restaurant – Phu Quoc

Sun Viet Beach Resort and Restaurant

I have to say my initial impressions of Phu Quoc were not all that good after I spent 3 hours on a ferry only to find no grab, no taxis and seemingly no life. This point was only exasperated when I got to my hotel to find it also fairly spartan.

To remedy this I found a beach resort, namely Sun Viet, which also had a restaurant, swimming pool and was at least near some life. And while I could not check straight in, my room which cost just $40 made it worth the while.

The best value hotel in Phu Quoc? Perhaps, but in all honesty Vietnam in general, is just bat shot crazy good value when it comes to hotels.

What the Sun Viet Beach Resort?

It is located not exactly on the beach, but at least next to it, which is a plus. It is though on the waterfront and boasts a fairly amazing swimming pool. Breakfast here is more than adequate and they have a top notch seafood restaurant, which we will discuss next…

Sun Viet Beach Resort Address;

60 Đường Trần Hưng Đạo,

Khu 1,

Phú Quốc,

Kiên Giang

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

In short next to the beach and the road and perhaps 20 minutes or so from the port and the airport.

You can read about getting to Phu Quoc here.

Sun Viet Restaurant

Connected to, but separate from the main hotel is the beach seafood restaurant that is Sun Viet Restaurant. I had not actually planned to visit here, but as it turns out them merely taking VISA tipped the balance.

The two main dishes that were eaten were Mac La Nuong Mudi Ot – Grilled Squid with salt and pepper, as well as Ca Nham Chilen Sa Ot – or fried baby shark dee dee dee dee dee dee baby shark dee dee dee dee dee with lemongrass.

The former was epic and so good it beat out Phnom Penh squid, although could not hot the heady heights of what is on offer when you visit Sihanoukville, main kudos here goes to the weird green hot sauce that it was actually served with. Pretty good, but no Khmer hot sauce either.

I was a bit non plussed with the baby shark, with the main redeeming factor being I played my part in that shark not eating any humans. Yes, you are welcome.

Overall though a greta place and sheer proof that there are very places in the world that offer hotels and restaurants of the value that Vietnam does.