Chupa Chups Soda

Chupa Chups Soda

As someone fairly easily pleased I get really exited when candy companies do things like make drinks, therefore Chupa Chups Soda touched me in all the right places.

Alas it would appear that this is not an easy drink to get, with me only discovering it on a trip to Kuala Lumpur to watch football.

What the Chupa Chups?

You most probably wouldn’t know Chupa Chups for their drinks but rather their lollypops. Chupa Chups, which loosely translates as “to suck” in Spanish (where they are from) were founded way back in 1958. This was so long ago that Spain was still rather Fascist at the time.

By 1977 they had expanded their lolly empire to Japan, before taking in the world up through the 1990’s. This included being the first candy lollipop to defeat communism in the USSR and China.

Now you will see this brand almost everywhere…..

Fun facts they have not just sponsored the Spice Girls, but even Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. This is surely a shirt I would buy IF I could.

The Chupa Chups Soda

So enough about lollypop empires, we all wanna know how the heck did they end up taking on the soda giants?

Well very little information is around about the Chupa Chups sodas, with what we can garner being anecdotal. I personally have only seen them in the Asian market, particularly in Malaysia, while it is also reportedly popular in Japan. Costs vary but you van get a tin in there flavors for less than a buck.

Said flavors are strawberry and cream, grape and orange. Of course I have tried all of them, with the strawberry and cream Chupa Chup being the best one. All of them were very good though as they basically tasted like you were drinking candy. Yes not so great for diabetes, but hey you only live once….

Does Chupa Chups Soda mis with alcohol though? I can confirm that it goes great with both soju and vodka. What I would really like to try though is flavored cookie and cream Smirnoff soju with strawberry and cream Chupa Chups soda. Oh to be young and full of dreams…..