The Best Western Felicity Hotel Shenzhen

Best Western Felicity

Despite being old, fairly decrepit and way past its prime there is an old world feeling of grandeur at the Best Western Felicity Hotel in Shenzhen that I truly adore.

Traditionally a regular haunt for me alas this will no longer be the case as I move into my brand new Shenzhen office. Therefore I make this post in honour of my favorite hotel in the world.

What the Best Western Felicity Hotel

By the name you would assume that this was a 5 star affair, alas this is really no longer the case with it being well past its prime. This though was not always the case and for a time it was an institution. This can clearly be seen through the pictures by the lifts of famous guests who range from revolutionary Fidel Castro to the not so red Edward Heath.

This though occurred in the early to mid 1990’s back when Shenzhen was the benchmark for economic growth not just in China, but throughout the world. This was visible in our office where a picture of none other then Deng Xiaoping could be viewed.

This was during our peak North Korean Tours period.

Where the B set Western Felicity Hotel?

The hotel is located basically on the Lou Hu border between the mainland and Hong Kong. In fact it is so close that if you are in certain rooms you can literally see Hong Kong. If you are really lucky you can get uncensored internet too.

Fun fact did you know TikTok is blocked in both Hong Kong and China.

Said location puts it well on the Metro line, connected to Luo Hu Border Crossing as well as trains and buses taking you throughout China. It is also new to the infamous KTV park, which I will get into more later.

Best Western Felicity Hotel Address;

1085 Heping Road,



Peoples Republic of China


What are the facilities at the Best Western Felicity Hotel

When you arrive at the Best Western Felicity Hotel you are greeted to and old school huge open lobby. Sometimes there is music and often times there is a function going on.

After this there is checks in. Here they have sweets on the counter and still insist on a cash deposit, despite the fact it is no longer 1997.

The lobby floor is then made up of a few shops, as well as the dining area for breakfast here. The breakfast here is far from 5 star, but again comes with an old world how things sued to be vibe.

Oh and there is a swimming pool, BUT not only is it mostly closed, but when it is open they try to make you wear a swimming cap like its the 1970’s or some shit.

The Best Western Felicity Hotel 7-Eleven

From Cambodia to Thailand and even Beijing it is no secret that 7-Eleven makes me hard in all the right places. The Best Western Felicity Hotel 7-Eleven though excites me on a whole new level.

Firstly it is located in the hotel, which means not having to brave the weather, but the street food here even rivals that of Kampot 7-Eleven. Most importantly though is the fact that it has a greta booze selection, which features Soju!

So, seeing as I have mostly said how god awful it is why do I love the Best Western Shenzhen so much? Quite simply aside from the retro feel I have a lot of memories, as well as skeletons within a place that I have probably stayed in mire than anywhere else. Oh if walls had ears…….