Best Mid-Range Hotels – City Beach Hotel Hua Hin

City Beach Hotel

Having booked Hua Yin last gasp I had no idea what the hotel situation would be. Happily upon further exploration I found it to be very cheap, with 2 nights at the City Beach Hotel in Hua Yin setting me back about $80.

What the Hua Hin?

I won’t go into too much detail as I have already covered it in my guide to the city, but Hua Hin a small beach town just 5-6 hours by train from Bangkok.

Officially at least it is part of the Thai riviera, whatever that means.

City Beach Hotel Hua Hin location

Downtown and just 5 minutes walk from the beach and even closer to the nightlife action of Hua Yin.

Next to a 7-Eleven and opposite the imaginatively titled Father Ted  Bar.

Most importantly though perhaps it is just 5 minutes walk from Hua Hin Railways station, which of course is connected to Bangkok.

City Beach Hotel Hua Hin Amenities

Very much like other hotels I have seen in Thailand, or even the Yanggakdo in North Korea in that it is obviously once very flush, but is now showing its age. I mean the hotels rooms have an actual key and there is a phone in the bathroom……

There is though a restaurant, a huge lobby and out door area and a fairly nice swimming pool.

Rooms at the City Beach Hotel Hua Hin

With the differential between a regular room and the suite being just $5 a night I went for the suite which was spacious indeed. The room quite literally had a bar, a huge kitchen and a massive kingsize bed.

I was though disappointed to see there was not the balcony I had been promised, nor a window I would open to smoke from.

Overall though it did what it said on the tin and I for one was happy with the value it provided!