The Hanging out in Hua Hin Guide 2024

Hua Hin

With three days to kill in Bangkok and slightly bored of night markets, I pretty much googled beaches near Bangkok. One of the top 10 was Hua Hin, with it also involving a train journey, which I like.

What the Hua Hin Guide?

Acquiring to Interwebz this beach town south of Bangkok was initially popular with Kings, before the Thai government decided they should promote it as the Thai Rivera – whatever that is supposed to mean.

You will though generally not see Hua Hin on any “must visit” list for tourists, which means it is either rubbish, or a hidden gem. I decided to find out……

Getting here from Bangkok

I am sure there are buses, but for me I was all about the 6 hour train journey. Said journey would cost $22 for a aeat that turns into a sleeper bed at night – which I did on the way in.

On the other hand there is 3rd class, which costs just $2.20. This is open windows style and is comparable to the Poipet to Bangkok train, which I regularly take. I really like trains….

Hotels in Hua Hin

The hotels in here are fantastic value, with a 4 star with a pool not costing more than about $30, downtown and around all of the action. Some of these, such as City Beach, which was I stayed.

For high rollers there is a Hilton, which I did not price up, despite my status. The Hilton Hua Yin is though quite literally right on the beach and looks like the best place to stay.

Hua Hin nightlife

By the looks of things people come here for the nightlife, which is all located downtown and near the small, but pleasant enough beach area. This is where all the bars and restaurants are.

Restaurants are mostly western, with French cuisine pizzas, burgers and weirdly steak houses dominating the local culinary scene.

There are a few Thai restaurants, but actually disappointing few, as well as a distinct lack of seafood.

I tried a few bars and restaurants, although none worthy of me devoting a whole article to. The only shoutout I will give is to the Father Ted Irish bar, particularly with my TedFest history…..

Hua Hin Walking Street

I guess I should have assumed there would be a walking street here, after all it is Thailand. For the uninitiated a “Walking Street” is a pedestrianized street full of bars with ladies looking to meet gentlemen in a professional capacity.

And there were gentlemen here, although looking at them both the men and indeed the women tended to be of the older variety. This was no Soi Cowboy or Papaya! 

Street Food Hua Hin

The Hua Hin street food scene is potentially one of the worst I have quite literally ever seen for a beach town in South-East Asia. I saw quite literally one vendor in town and that was it, although there are more Thai restaurants on the outskirts.

The only other street food in Hua Yin I found was on the beach, but these only served in the day time and looked far from epic. 

Why the lack of street food? I can but assume it goes with the whole riviera thing and trying to look “fancy”.

The Hua Hin verdict

Overall pretty good as a quick getaway from Bangkok, with the train journey being pleasant and it being close enough to even cover in a weekend.

As for the town itself, not all that bad, but also not a place I would want to up sticks for and move to. Although with that being said there must be something to Hua Hin, as it is quite literally full of old expats….

Should you end up here you will have a good time, but also not exactly worth making a beeline for.