#ColaQuest – Pepsi Lime

Pepsi Lime

I recently discovered Pepsi Lime at a 7-Eleven in Saigon, duly purchased it and instead of drinking it took it all the way back to Cambodia, from where it would spend a time living in my fridge.

Well yesterday was the day that I finally ran out of liquid/mixers, so it was also the day that we got to give it a test. So how did Pepsi Lime do?

The Pepsi Lime Story

According to interweb there may well be a Pepsi Max Lime, as well as a Pepsi Lime, with it being available in Asia, with a google is said product showing many ways that I can buy it.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that what I tried was not Pepsi Max Lime, but merely Pepsi Lime, as I for one did not see a “Max” and number two it did not taste like ass.

I will also assume it is not one and the same with the Pepsi Green that I once had in Poland – see video below.

Was Pepsi Lime any good

Actually it was pretty damned good and idk it was some form of culinary abortion sugar free taupe thing it at least fooled me. Overall it did not just taste like a regular Pepsi, but with a not to sharp but profound essence of lime.

So, how did it score on the liquor test? Alas I was not packing vodka, so can only say how it fared as a chaser to Soju, with which and much like Est Cola it did well.

I have to also add that it was far better than Pepsi Pineapple and I sincerely think it would score really well if you mixed wit with either vodka or rum. Without these varieties though I can only score it from the evidence I had – a firm ColaQuest 7/10.