The Crab Market BKK1 Phnom Penh

Needing dinner and facing something a bit local our group headed to The Crab Market in trendy BKK 1. Was it any good though and would I recommend it?

Overall yes, and yes, although with a couple of caveats thrown in to the mix.

Where the Crab Market BKK 1 Phnom Penh?

Would you guess it, but BKK1 in Phnom Penh??? So, for the uninitiated this is down town and the cool part of town.

What is the Crab Market Phnom Penh address?

42 St 454, Phnom Penh 120109

DO NOT confuse this with the Kep Crab Market, or you will be bitterly disappointed.

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Crab Market Phnom Penh Food and Drink

This is a mid range restaurant, rather than a Khmer street food haven, or indeed an upscale resort. The menu here is pretty small and simple with there being crab, lobster, shrimp, squid and the like on the menu, as well as Khmer classics, such as seafood fried rice, natural spring rolls (without fish) and fish amok.

From this, of which we had almost everything the food was generally excellent, with the fish amok being particularly good. Although our Khmer friend stated it was a “bit touristy” and unlike what you would gat at a real Khmer house.

Drinks wise there were not all that many choices, with booze being restricted to beer, or wine and soft drinks being some cool mixed juices, as well as some ice-cream shakes, which largely did the job.

The Crab Market Phnom Penh Vibe

Overall pretty damned good, so long as you take the place for what it is. This is a fusion restaurant between hitting a western palate whilst presenting Khmer food to people.

For me I would rather take the real crab market in Kep, or some Real McCoy Cambodian street food. If though you are looking for some easy entry level Khmer Street food, then the Crab Market has got you covered…

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