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Staying at the Crown Hotel Port Moresby

Crown Hotel

Fast becoming one of my most used hotels in Port Moresby, the Crown is the best “proper” hotel that is vaguely budget, or rather the best cheaper option there is. This is why we take the YPT groups here!

How much does the Crown Hotel cost?

On a good day you can pick up a room at the Crown Hotel in Port Moresby for less than $100, which compared to Holiday Inn at $140 and the Hilton at $200+ makes it a good deal.

Anything cheaper than this should be avoided simply from a cost and indeed safety point of view (I have stayed in others). And we should not forget that Port Moresby is dangerous, a fact amplified by the fact I have been robbed here.

Facilities at the Crown Hotel Port Moresby

There’s a decent restaurant on the 2nd floor that is well priced and has a bar, not to mention a fabulous ground floor pub we have nicknamed the “Glass Door”, because of the sign on the glass door. This has an eclectic mix of locals, as well as tourists, foreigners and people staying at the hotel.

Aside from this there is a pool, gym and a slightly unreliable airport pickup service. Overall though the staff are quite nice and at least try their best to help you.

Rooms at Crown Hotel Port Moresby

Rooms here are decent and good for the price. Many look out at the sea and some even have a balcony to smoke on. When the wind is going crazy though these rooms can be very noisy. This is after all a dates hotel, but one that at least does have some charm.

Internet exists, but much like all hotels needs username and password. This can be a problem on some OS, such as Apple, but the staff will fix it for you if you need.

Crown Hotel Port Moresby Location

Downtown and near a mall, as well as walking distance to the beach, which is largely fine during the day. Opposite is a good few restaurants that offer burgers, pizza, as well as Indian foods.

Close enough to make them viable options, but at night this area does still get dodgy and even this short walk is a danger when you are in POM (Port Moresby).

Should you stay here?

For us the Crown Port Moresby offers everything you could ask for at a price that works well for groups and indeed we use it for Papua New Guinea Tours.

Are there better hotels in Port Moresby? Of course, but hey everything comes at a price and the correct price is always what you want to pay…..