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Staying at the Hilton Port Moresby

Staying at the Hilton Port Moresby

Port Moresby might be more famous for danger than luxury, but there is some elegance here, principally at the Hilton Port Moresby, the most deluxe hotel in the capital and PNG.

What are the rooms like at the Hilton Port Moresby?

Much like every Hilton they vary greatly, but are generally good, with even the cheapest rooms having that Hike vive people love.

Price wise it depends on the season, but can be as little as $160 a night, compared to $110-120 even for the Crown Hotel.

Eating and drinking at the Hilton Port Moresby

Alas eating and drinking here is not cheap at all, which again makes the Crown potentially a better option. Sadly Gold Status is no longer enough for the execute club, nor free breakfast.

Buffet lunch was a bit lame on our last visit and at $23 not what I had expected. Drinks wise they have bars which upscale locals frequent and you can even procure Paiawara if you are polite enough, but a can of Solo will still set you back $3 to wash down with it…..

Is it safe around the Hilton Port Moresby

Alas and like the Holiday Inn it is not safe around here and even the taxi drivers that come into the hotel are sketchy.

Staying at the Hilton Port Moresby is all about having a Hilton experience, rather than a Port Moresby one, with your only PNGness being if you get a take away…..

Do you stay there?

Sure I do, yes I am the Street Food Guy, but that does not preclude me from having some luxury sometimes.

With that being said though for tours, I will usually don Holiday Inn for me and Crown for groups. String at the Hilton tends to be when I am really stressed out…..

Not my favorite in the world, but a steady oasis from the craziness that is Port Moresby.