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Eneko Island – The Best Beach in Majuro

Many years ago I discovered Eneko Island on my first trip to the Marshall Islands as part of YPT’s Least Visited Countries Tour. Back then I declared it the best beach in Majuro and indeed the Marshall Islands. I am pleased to say that it is still the case.

With 2023 almost at a close and the Marshall Islands being the 4th country on our “visited” list I wanted to make sure that our second day was a special one. So, with a boat booked, an eskie purchased and enough food to sink a battleship we headed off.

How do you get to Eneko Island?

Getting to the island involves booking through and paying the Robert Reimers Hotel, although importantly you do not have to stay there. For us we had them pick us up at the dock of the Marshall Islands Resort.

We did this at a leisurely 11 am meaning we could get breakfast. Round trip price to Eneko is $30, with an extra $10 if you want to rent the BBQ area, although the seems to be a new thing.

And then it is all about the journey! Maybe 40 minutes, but passing through some of the most amazing atolls of Majuro, with one easily being able to picture getting marooned here, or perhaps even buying one of the islands.

What is there on Eneko Island?

There’s some buildings, a volleyball court, maybe some kayaks, beach houses (a few), but in reality bugger all else. This is quite literally an idyllic tropical island that you come to to do nothing in essence, this is paradise.

Amusingly though paradise can stump some people, with our group asking “what do we do” – we merely pointed to our surroundings……..

They eventually got it

Eating on Eneko Island/Street Food Eneko Island

Robert Reimers offered us packed lunch from their alacarte menu, but you do not go to an island for a bunch of plastic. Instead we got an esker, purchased $300+ of meat and vegetables and then cooked up a BBQ feast largely fueled by coconut shells, which really gave it some kazaam.

There were also fruits on the island which the braver of us picked and ate, such as aged coconuts with the rusk still inside, and other fruits I cannot even name.

But man cannot of course live in food alone, so we also brought rum. Remember if you drink rum on an island in the morning, you are not an alcoholic, you are a pirate….