What is it like staying at the Marshall Islands Resort Majuro?

Marshall Islands Resort

With the old Street Food Guy no more I am now back in the Pacific reviewing the same places that I once did, but this is not a bad thing, as I have changed and they have changed. So, what is it like staying at the Marshall Islands resort in Majuro? Overall pretty good, but again both of us have changed.

So, for context this was my first time back in Majuro since 2019 due to that whole virus thing that screwed with many happiness. Again part of the YPT, again part of our Least Visited Countries Tour, this time with Justin Martell of Pioneer Media. The trip was to have us at 2 nights, 3 days in Majuro, subject to flight derailment…..

What the Marshall Islands and Majuro?

Majuro is the capital island/atoll/city of the Republic of the Marshall Islands a pseudo-colony of the United States. Officially it is the 10th least visited country in the world, quite a mean feat when you consider just how stunning beautiful it is.

It is though right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and very hard and expensive to get to, hence the least visited part. You can read about the Least Visited Countries in the world here.

I will cover the Marshal Islands later, but for now lets talk hotels.

Hotels in Majuro

When it comes to hotels in Majuro there are two games in town, the Marshall Islands Resort and Robert Reimers. Previously I would stay at the Robert Reimers, but not only do they lack capacity, but they once kinda ripped me off, or rather one of my guests, so I moved to the more expensive MIR.

That being the two options, we now use the Marshall Islands Resort Majuro, AKA MIR, rather than the other one. Although we do use Reimers for visits to Eneko Island an amazing place with views almost as good as when you Island Hop in Bougainville.

Where is the Marshall Islands Resort

The address of the Marshall Islands Resort is as follows;


There is always airport pickup and drop-off, but you need to book directly, or rather it is better to book directly, particularly if you have a group.

Rooms at the Marshall Islands Resort

The overall vibe is a weird one with the place being literally huge and reminiscent of Butlins, or Pontins for any UK folk.

The rooms are though very nice, if not extremely extremely retro, with it having a 70-80’s feel to it (see photos). They do though have balconies overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a bathtub, something those of us who live in Asia truly appreciate.

What is there to do at the Marshall Islands Resort?

This is where I do not like the flowery use of the word resort if I am honest, something heavily done in the Philippines for example. This is a big hotel that has a pool, a dock, massage, restaurants and a bar. To me a resort that does not make.

The Restaurant at the MIR Majuro is though perhaps one of the best, well not perhaps it is the best restaurant on the island. American influence means that burgers and the like dominate, but there is also sashimi, as well as Marshallese Poke, as well as Hawaiian Poke, both amazing raw tuna dishes.