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#FantaQuest – Arctic Ocean Orange Soda in Beijing

Arctic Ocean Orange Soda

One of the best things about returning to somewhere you have not been for a long time isn’t the things you’ve looked forward to, but the things you’ve forgotten, such as Arctic Ocean Orange Soda.

It is really hard to explain what this is unless you’ve tried, but I will give it my best shot. Across China glass bottles have beeb repacked by plastic ones, with it being all but impossible to get a glass coke.

The exception here though is with orange soda, with almost every province having their own variation of it. In Xi’an, this was Bing Fun, while in Beijing it is Arctic Ocean Orange Soda.

What’s the Arctic Ocean Orange Soda story?

I have looked online, but for the life of me can’t find who makes it. Generally though it is made by the same people that make wherever the local beer is. This is why you find it at bars and restaurants that serve local Chinese beers. Therefore Aortic Ocean Orange Soda is procured from the same people that sell Yanjing beer.

Thus for the last 20 years at least that I have been coming to China this has been THE soft drink option if you go for street food, bbq, or any other kind of cheap Chinese dining. Back in the day they cost 20 cents, although this has gone up to about 40 cents, or so now.

How good is Arctic Ocean Orange Soda?

In trie Fanta Quest territory this shit holds its own and I would pick it any day over a plastic Fanta and most days even against a glass bottle. And this is for a number of reasons (not least nostalgia).

Favour wise it is not nearly as sweet as a run of the mill soda, with it being almost like Orangina (the best in the world). This unique set of flavorings actually makes it fit far better with Chinese food than anything imported.

So, while you will not see this in 7-Eleven Beijing, nor any fancy restaurant, should you find yourself getting down and dirty in Beijing, this is the drink to have.