Visiting Pratunam Market – The Great2022 Guide

What is it like to visit Pratunam Market? Overall pretty good, although a very different vibe from Khaosan Road,or China Town in Bangkok, although that is not necessarily a bad thing.

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What’s the deal with Pratunam Market?

As I was to find out more famous for Indian vendors selling sandals, flip-flops and well pretty much anything than street food, or the like, but still pretty cool. In fact to s located about halfway between the airport and Khaosan with its of Indian restaurants and near to the Bangkok Palace Hotel.

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According to the experts at Wikipedia it is the biggest clothes market in Bangkok and means water gate. There are many retail stores here obviously aimed at tourists, but the main stalls while also attracting tourists are also very much for locals looking for deals.

It is also apparently the cheapest place to buy clothing in the capital, something I would learn the hard way after not buying t0shirts and going the next day to Khaosan where everything was much more expensive. I try not to live with regrets…….

What can you buy At Pratunam Market?

Mainly it is a purveyor of clothes, with fairly coo candles cosseting a few bucks, t-shirts the same and even hand printing own design shirts costing only 6 dollars, cheaper than Khao San by bar.

There was also all manor of other things on sale, well lots of weird and wonderful things which would be interesting of your ere traveling with an interesting person such as lingerie, dildos and even tasers. I once purchased a taser in the Philippines which was great fun, I have also purchased lingerie many times which was great fun and as for dildos? I’ll leave that one here.

Photo by ShoHey

And was there street food Pratunam Market?

There was some great street food Pratunam Market! Firstly there was squid, with Thai squid literally being my newest love affair, there was the passion fruit and pomegranate juice that is all around Bangkok, as well as a whole heap more to chaise from.

Was it to a street food level of Khaosan, or China Town, no it was not, but hey those be high standards to reach. There were though a lot of great Indian restaurants around Pratunam Market, which while I didn’t try looked great.

They did though also have coke in a bottle, one of my very gusty pleasures, but also one I did not realise came literally in almost frozen. Call it brain freeze, call it ice-cream head, but whatever you do just done go downing a frozen coke in one go, you will fail.

In the end though it was all about the 7-Eleven, the one constant is the crazy crazy world……

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