The Red House Garden Hotel – Bavet 2022

Red House Garden Hotel

Visiting the Red House Garden Hotel in the Manhattan Special Economic Zone of Bavet was not something I had expected to do, but if I have learnt anything rom living in Cambodia it is to expect the unexpected.

Why did I end up at the Red House Garden Hotel in Bavet?

I write about business for Cambodia Investment Review, so when I was invited to go and see the opening of a glove factory of course I jumped at the chance! And not just that but I would also get the chance to hang out with government big wigs!

Yes I can confirm that I have now met the son of the PM of Cambodia, the other high rollers I already knew…..

You can read bout the opening of the Glove Factory here.

What is the Red House Garden Hotel in Bavet like?

This is well and truly a Chines evenness hotel but for Chinese businessmen, there are no frills and the rooms were very Chinese. Did it make me a little nostalgic, somewhat.

To read about visiting the Manhattan SEZ click here.

It is though in essence a very simply place that does what it says on the tin and you unlikely to be here unless you are a Chinese businessman, or a strange journalist who happens to like visiting glove factories.

What are the facilities at the Red House Garden Hotel

Theres a Chinese restaurant that at least on the night I was there got to serving high end Chinese food, although I feel that might have been due to the VIP nature of the group.

There is though a normal restaurant as well as breakfast that was fairly decent by Chinese standards.

And last, but by no means leat there is actually randomly very nice swimming pool, but alas I did not get to sample the water due to the quickness of my trip. Overall there really are not many reasons that you would end up at the Manhattan SEZ in Bavet, BUT if you do there are worse places to end up than at the Red House Garden Hotel.