How do you watch Phnom Penh Crown in 2024?

watch Phnom Penh Crown

How do you watch Phnom Penh Crown in 2023? As the erecting champions of Cambodia and the sole representative in the AFC Cup you can do much worse than taking in a PPC match.

So, while I have written about watching football in Cambodia, what is sit specifically like to watch Crown?

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Where can you watch Phnom Penh Crown

Phnom Penh Crown play at the RSN Stadium, which is a little bit out of town and around a $4 journey to get to from riverside, or for my point of viewThe Big Easy.

The tedium officially holds 5,500 fans although it is rarely full, expect when cup finals are sometimes played here, such as the Hun Sen Cup. Tickets cost just $2-4, with even a VIP box not being all that expensive.

Perhaps more interestingly during the upcoming AFC matches Crown will play their games at National Olympic Stadium, which once hosted the North Korean team.

RSN Stadium facilities

There are a few street food vendors selling their wares outside of the RSN Stadium, but mostly it is just small shops. Said shops sell beers that one can in theory take to the match (yes I have done this).

More excitingly though, well for me at least is that they have a great club shop that sells big man sized football shirts. Crown might not be “my team”, with that job being filled By Angkor City, I still proudly don a Crown shirt every now and again.

What is the atmosphere like when you watch Phnom Penh Crown?

While too few Cambodians go to matches, the ones that do are passionate and the Phnom Penh Crown ultras a are a thing, and they sing throughout the match. There is also a string away area where the opposing ultras also tend to show up. Watching PPC comes with atmosphere.

Generally most fans are Khmer (Cambodian), but there is also a small, but loyal set of Phnom Penh Crown supporters who also attend matches.

And what is the football like?

Crown under coach Oleg play some of the best football within Cambodia, whose Cambodian Premier League seems to get better and better every year.

To me at least this makes watching Phnom Penh Crown one of the best football days out that you can have in Cambodia.