How to buy your own island in 2024

How to buy your own island

Ever wanted to buy your own island? Well believe it, or not it is not actually that hard to do, and I know because I have actually done it myself, but more on that later!

In fact buying an island can cost as little as $20-30,000 although you are not exactly getting tropical for that. In the interests of this article at least, I will be showcasing how to buy a tropical island.

Where can you buy islands?

Where can you buy your own island? Well this depends in a lot o ways in where you are from, or indeed who you are marred to. Places like the Philippines, Malaysia and even Bougainville have great islands that are cheap, but they need to be majority locally owned.

There are business ways to do this, such as with a nominee, or by just marrying a local, I shit you not.

I honestly looked at an island called Malaipo Island in the Philippines that was $290,000 and could have fit 4-5 football pitches on it.

In fact island shopping was really fun and it took me to the Philippines, Malaysia, Belize, Estonia and even Ireland.

Where did you buy your island?

We bought our island in Belize as they allowed foreign ownership, so I would suggest here for you to buy your own island. In fact Belize is probably the best vale in the world when it comes to islands.

Overall they start at $50k and go up to the millions. We personally pouched Coffee Caye for about $200,000.

How to buy your own island in 2024

So to buy your own island this leaves you with two options essentially, paying for it yourself, or crowdfunding it, which is what I did. Through the website we managed to get 150 people or so to chip in 3k each so we could buy and develop and island as well as run it is a country.

The idea got so famous that not only were we featured on CNN, but the Prime-Minister of Belize called us stoopid.

We though are still going very strong, with our country the Principality of Islandia even having its own Wikipedia page. So that is how to buy your own island in 2024, or at least some options on how to do this.