Nightlife of Koror in 2024

Nightlife of Koror

When it comes to the nightlife of Koror scene, we can also pretty much lump at the street food Palau, as well as the cuisine of this tiny Pacific island nation into one article. So, what is the nightlife of Koror scene like and is it worth coming for.

Palau is a funny little country to say the least! Formerly a colony of Germany, it then went to Japan and the USA before getting “independence” via a Compact of Free Association with the States, essentially this means that it is very American.

The Palau Vibe

Palau is an island paradise is the Pacific populated by Micronesian people, Japanese, Yankees and ironically a whole heap of people from the Philippines.

The country is an island paradise with many parallels to Palawan, although the nightlife is not exactly like El Nido.

I will write more about the island hopping here later, but we include this on our Least Visited Countries Tour.

Interestingly the government ethos is charge a lot and don’t let in backpackers, and this means Palau is expensive and this includes with regards to the nightlife of Koror.

Street Food Koror

OK, so lets kick off with the street food of Koror, which is also the street food of Palau for all intents and purposes. This is really a mixed bag of tricks, with you finding quite literal street food, with locals selling fruit, weird drinks, local fruits and the drug that is bettle nut.

What I also discovered was the fabulous 680 Night Market, which showed that the overall street food Koror vibe was a mixture of foods was largely reminiscent of the aforementioned peoples that make up Palau, with Chinese thrown in for good measure.

Nightlife of Koror – The Restaurants

The full range of restaurants in Koror pretty much goes from the sublime to the ridiculous, with high-end resorts doing as you’d expect high-end food. If you want this though, do not book a budget tour to Koror…..

Below this you have places like the amazing Carp Restaurant, which fuses local foods with Japanese fare and is owned by a Hiroshima survivor. Mental note, I am arranging a tour to Fukushima next year…..

And below this you have fast food joints, which includes some more obscure American franchises like Mr Wings, but no KFC, or Burger King. Is there McDonalds in Koror? No there is not, nor is there likely to be in the foreseeable future, although you can get it in Guam and American Samoa.

And then you have the fast food/street food restaurants of Koror, which mainly consist of very good American style burgers and hot-dogs, with a smattering of Micronesian BBQ.

And on tour you will get the classic bento boxes, which come with chicken, pork, rice, salad and some weird pickles. Palaus definately a rice country.

And the Koror Nightlife?

Again there are high—end resorts, but below this you get hotel bars which also service the locals such as Palasia Hotel and its bar, but here are the prices, $17 for a Long Island Iced Tea, which to be fair was cheaper than when I had one in Cairo.

The bar, or place to be with the late hours thoughts Canoe, which is located slap bang opposite our last United Airlines supplied hotel/ Officially it closed at 1, but we found them amiable for a bit of outside drinking.

And if the beers do prove too expressive at a bar then they are just a few dollars at a store, with Soju knocking you back $6. We did not delve into local prices, nor discover if the Koror nightlife included Firewater.

So, you will not go thirsty or hungry in Palau, just don’t expect all that much change….