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How to correctly eat a burger – Street Food Guy Rules 2022

Eat a burger

How to correctly eat a burger? This is an oft asked question and one with many answers, I am here today to give you the Street Food Guy rules for correctly eating a burger.

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How to eat a burger – immediately turn it over

Working on the theory that you have purchased a decent sized burger and not a happy meal from McDonalds then there is an important rule to implement right away. Firstly you need to flip your burger. That way the grease gets caught in the tougher bigger upper bun.

If you do not do this then the bottom of the burger will literally disintegrate. Now if you are reading this and do not do my method you will be thinking “yeah thats right”. Trust me on this one it will revolutionise how you eat a burger.

Not not add anything!

If you are at a cheap frills McDonalds, or the like then opening it to add some fries is acceptable, but if you are in a proper burger joint then this is burger suicide. Opening up the burger and removing the stick will destroy the foundations and it will fall apart.

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Instead order the burger exactly as you want with what you want in it. This will save your burger from hand held destruction.

How to correctly eat a burger – Keep the burger north of the plate

If like me you have penchant for vinegar for example than flipping the burger should be your first job. You also want your burger facing north, so that no sauce drips awards your burger.

Again you should have ordered it with the sauces you want already inside.

How to correctly eat a burger in one bite!

OK, so calm down, we do not mean eating burger in one bite for that is literally impossible. What we mean is this – once you pick up a burger it cannot be put down until you are finished.

Burger should usually be picked dup with your left hand and then no matter how big it is you take a big bite. The stick should still be in the burger at this point. After a few bites of the burger you are then ready to remove the stick.

This leaves one hand free, with said free hand you can drink, eat fries, send e-mails, or simply use it as fashion accessory. This is why you pick the burger up with your “other” hand, so for me I eat with my right hand, for most normal for you use your left hand.

With a small burger this should mean finishing in 4-6 bites, with 8-10 for larger burgers. This rule for to correctly eat a burger is particularly important for bigger burgers, for if you put them down they will inevitably lose their shape and you will be forced to use a knife and fork.

Can you eat a burger with a knife and fork?

Can you eat a burger with a knife and fork? No you should never eat a burger with a knife and fork and there is a special place reserved in hell for people that do so.

That is all.

And that is The Street Food Guy’s rules on how to correctly eat a burger, of course other people have other rules, but quite simply they are wring and I am right.

Street Food Guy Out!