What’s it like to stay at Tribe Hotel Phnom Penh 2022

Tribe Hotel Phnom Penh

Every now and agin I get blessed with the odd little job perk, with staying at Tribe Hotel Phnom Penh being one of them. How good though is it? Is it worth the hype? And why are influencers going mad about it?

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Who are TRIBE Hotel Phnom Penh

Part of a big global behemoth which includes the Raddison and Shinta Mani among others Tribe is by its own account a different type of hotel. In theory it eschews starts, for example not having any penthouse suite and goes for the young cool monied crowd.

Or as they like to put it “Giving everything you need without the things you don’t”.

Originally the brand took Europe by storm before its recent expansion into Asia. This is initially meant a branch in Bali, but has now expanded to tied Phnom Penh and we got invited to take a look!

The Rooms at Tribe Phnom Penh

The rooms here are a real breath of fresh air, particularly for the digital nomads out there, for which Tribe Phnom Penh is truly aimed at. The rooms come in just 4 price categories from about $80-120 and are simple, but have everything you need. One of these things is enough plug sockets, something that should not be a problem, but seemingly is in so many hotels.

The price point is also bang on the money, being affordable for most people, but not so cheap iy brings in the riff raff, in essence 5 star without the bullshit.

What are the enmities at Tribe Phnom Penh

There are a lot of enmities at Tribe Phnom Penh,w which include expected things like a swimming pool and gym, but also probably the best co-working space in Phnom Penh.

Said space has conference rooms, computers and pretty much everything else you could want, which includes fabulous coffee shop and restaurant that doubles up as the 24 hour gig for the whole hotel.

Price wise it is comparable to Starbucks, but without the Starbucks bullshit. Great food, facilities for working and a great view in my mind at least leaves nothing that can even compare with at as place for digital nomads in Phnom Penh. And yes sorry Factory, that means you too.

Tribe – The best rooftop bar in Phnom Penh

In case you missed the memo rooftop bars are a big deal in Phnom Penh, particularly those situated at expensive hotels. Sadly these bars usually mean having to take a small mortgage just to visit them.

Tribe Rooftop Bat takes different tact though, drinks stat at $5 rather than $10 and there is one of Cambodia’s best bartenders make up signature drinks for you to enjoy the ambience in. Oh and theres also a Mad Max car-bar randomly thrown inf or good measure.

Food wise the menu is international in flare with a few Khmer classics thrown in for good measure. Again prices are very reasonable starting at around $10 a dish, but going into the hundreds if you feel the need to get a Tomahawk steak.

And then of course there is the view. Unlike other rooftop bars you are not head and shoulders in the clouds, but merely on the 12th floor. Yet despite not being all that high you get a great view as the hotel is strategically located right on the riverside, well kinda, you are at least far enough from Street 136 to avoid the “crowds”.

And it is all these combined that have led to influencers using this as their picture muse in the city. I really cannot blame them. Tribe Hotel Phnom Penh truly is one of the most innovative and different hotels to hit the city of sin in quite a while.