How to eat Bun Thit Nuong

Bun Thit Nuong

Vietnam has the best street food and noodles period, this is not ever up for debate. What makes it the best though is just looking at a dish and trying it for no reason. This is how I got Bun Thit Nuong.

I travel a lot, as you may know, but instead of being a country collect9ing wanker I go back to the same places. This time I was back in Nha Trang I place I have been going for almost 10 years – I remember before the Russians came.

In fact I even got to meet a friend here. Felix Abt, who has fame as A Capitalist in North Korea , as well as Eastern Angle.

How the Bun Thit Nuong?

Well I needed lunch and I wanted a local restaurant, so I ended up finding a place that was 5-50 locals and aimed at foreigners. The menu was indeed eclectic and to go with my Bun Thit Nuong I got the following –

Xuc Xich – sliced sausage – and hamburger, but I forget to get the Vietnamese name, which is a shame as it sounds oh the more exotic.

What is Bun Thit Nuong?

Essentially this is grilled pork and rice vermicelli, but of my days it is also so much more than this. First you get served it within a beautiful bowl and it has veggies and leaves on the top that look so great you never want to mix it.

Alas mis it is exactly what you should do, but really not after adding some perfect Vietnamese spice. Then you mix it up and enjoy a street food treat. People might bang on about pho, which I get, but Bun Thit Nuong is less about the soup and more about the actual noodles and indeed the dish itself.

OK, so this was not classic street food, but this is indeed a classic dish and one worth doing when you are in Vietnam.