Where are the most single ladies in South-East Asia?

Many a man over the decades has sought out single ladies and love in iSouth-East Asia, from Thai brides, to servicemen in Vietnam and what are now called “passport bro’s”, this is an area for inter-racial love.

How though does one stack the odds in their favour? We present a United Nations report on the most single ladies in South-East Asia – well most single people at least.

Yet while this might a first seem to be a cheap sheet for those looking for romance, there are a lot of nuances to this list.

Kokomos-Hua-Hin Single ladies

Where are the most single ladies in South-East Asia?

According to the data a whopping 49% of Filipinos declare themselves single, although again there are nuances. The Philippines not only has a young population, but also people operated but not divorced due to the laws of the country.

Couple this is with the fact it also has record numbers of single mothers and you see not all is at it seems.

Next on the list is also a bit different, being Muslim Brunei at 44.9 %, although they also follow strict Islamic law, so this is people unmarried rather than free and single.

Where does Cambodia fit on the list?

Cambodia comes in at 4th with 44.6%, just under Malaysia at 44.68%. Why so high? Well Cambodia not only has a young population, but also since the dark days of Democratic Kampuchea, the Khmer Rouge and the civil war there has been an economic boom of sorts in the country.

This has meant that singletons particularly in urban areas often get married later if at all, with society being much less punishing to the unwed. There is also quite a lot more divorce than in previous years too.

Any other shocks?

Well the least single country, or rather the least single ladies in Southeast Asia come from Roman Catholic Timor-Leste, with just a mere 13% being unattached.

Some other surprises on the list are places with acting “walking streets”, such as Thailand 23% and Vietnam at just 16% (second last), which puts a whole new meaning to the phrase “moonlighting”.

Most single ladies in South-East Asia

Here is the full list of the most single ladies in South-East Asia, as well as the most single men in the region.

The full single list for ASEAN nations is as follows;

Philippines 48%

Brunei 44.9%

Malaysia 44.68%

Cambodia 44.6%

Myanmar 29%

Thailand 23%

Indonesia 22%

Singapore 20%

Laos 17%

Vietnam 16%

Timor-Leste 13%

Note; The list specifically applies to member nations of ASEAN