InterNations Cambodia at Java Creative Cafe

Internations Cambodia

Recently there was another monthly InterNations event at Java Creative Cafe. These regular events see people multiple nations get together, have some drinks and do a bit of mingling together!

So, what it is like to hang out at InterNations in Cambodia?

Lets tart with who they are – InterNations

InterNations are big enough so that when you google them one of their adds comes up first. Can’t argue with that. They market themselves as a global community for “expats in your city” and use lots of there buzz words surrounded by pretty people.

They point out that they are also a global community that are in 420 cities worldwide, with offers for people to start new ones, obviously as this is how these things grow.

Sadly there is no InterNations Pyongyang yet.

Oh they also have 5.1 million members, although with no fixed membership I am not sure how this is worked out.

I will give them a grander article later, but in essence to is an expats club.

You can read about InterNations here.

What is InterNations Cambodia

InterNations Cambodia, or rather Phnom Penh is ran by Tom Starkey and is known as one of the better events that is held in the capital. Essentially every month a different restaurant hosts it, with there being all in drinks deals, or simply soft drink entrance prices.

Everyone, and this includes locals as well as expats then drinks and converses (with name tags on), before there is a prize draw and a big old photo to go on social media.

Overall InterNations Cambodia tends to attract and eclectic bunch of mostly professional people and tends to be a decent craic. The venues are usually pretty good and the drinks deals more than enough to keep you going.

The prizes, which are donated by local establishments also tend to be pretty good and can be valued pretty highly. You won by having your name luckily drawn out of a hat, via your name card. In fact sometimes there are that many prices at InterNations Cambodia that almost everyone wins – do not though forget your name card….

Oh they also did sporting trips, or are at least looking into them.

InterNations Cambodia at Java Creative Cafe

I had not been to Java Creative Cafe and in fairness will probably not go again. There was no free food, but the drinks deal was OK So, for 10 bucks you got one free drinks token, or for 25 could drink as much as you wanted, with drinks being 5 bucks.

I initial went for the 10 deal, before swapping to 25. I then made sure I drink 10 of their 3 cocktails, thus making 15 bucks (I had paid another 10 for my companion).

And when it came to prizes I also won, getting 10 bucks off at Botanico, a beer place, as well as double my money at Arch Lounge, one of the best bars if you like looking at classy ladies!

Overall I’d declare InterNations Cambodia quite a very good night out, people are Findlay, it is well run and it is nowhere near as pretentious as these things can sometimes get.