Is Tuvalu the best country in the world to visit?

Tuvalu the best country

Is Tuvalu the best country in the world to visit? Alas this is something that can only ever be an opinion rather than fact, but for me at least it is my favourite country in the world to visit.

Why do I like it so much? That is really hard to explain and indeed a question I have been asked many times, I will though do my best to put the “Tuvalu the best country in the world to visit” statement to at least some scrutiny.

What the Tuvalu?

A former British colony and part of what is now the Republic of Kiribati, the two are now very different places that still share a lot of rivalries, particularly in football.

Nowadays it is one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth and indeed one of the least visited with around 500 tourists per year, 5% of which at leas came from me this year……

It is now a member of the Commonwealth that uses AUD and still loves the Queen, or rather the King now.

Tuvalu the best country in the world to visit – depending on you

So here comes the most important point when talking about the best of anything, it really does depend on you. For example if you need big city life, things done fast and technology, such as decent internet then Tuvalu will be hell rather than heaven.

If though you dream of a desert island and paradise, then it does not get much closer than this.

So, why os Tuvalu the best country in the world?

Well without wanting to repeat myself it is paradise pure and simple, and quite literally boasts beaches and scenery that are frankly unbeatable. And the people duly live out this fantasy. People do a. bit of work, maybe fish, but due to the sun they mostly just chill, or drive around on their motorbikes.

And the fish, food and indeed street food is insane here, we went to an island and the guys there fished some fish, skinned it and I ate sashimi like a fucking savage.

And it is for this plethora of reasons that I declare Tuvalu the best country in the world to visit.