Sails Restaurant and Bar Samoa  – The Best in Apia?

Sails Restaurant

We originally discovered Sails Restaurant in Apia back in 2020, before lockdowns and the like as part of a Young Pioneer Tours exploratory trip to Apia.

This year we returned as part of the Least Visited Countries Tour and can confirm that not only is the place still standing, but it is still the benchmark for fine dining in Apia, the capital of Samoa.

Nightlife in Apia

How best to describe the nightlife of Apia?Non-existent would probably be the best description, but that is not to say that Samoa is not without its charms.

The thing is Samoa just lives on island time, does not have that many expats, or tourists and is just a proper chilled place. You will find a few beer bars and indeed Kava Bars, but it simply is what it is.

Sails Restaurant and Bar Apia

Sails is for all intents the closest you can get to fine dining in Apia, particularly if we exclude the pizza restaurants that seem to be everywhere.  Overall the menu is international, as are the drinks and the setting is phenomenal.

You want ambience, how about a windy bar and restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean? So, long story short the p0lace to be and where you are most likely to meet other travellers of a similar ilk.

And the food and drinks at Sails Restaurant in Apia?

Western classics like burgers, which go down well after so much travel, as well as of course fish, which included catch of the day, fish and chips, as well as raw tuna.

Not the best raw tuna of my trip, but that does not mean bad when you are in the pacific islands.

The Service at Sails Restaurant…….

If you come to Samoa wanting a bad time you will get one, everything is on island time and you can run with that, or not come. I for example asked what the catch of the day was only to be told it was fish. Get angry? Or order another Long Island Iced Tea? Answers on a postcard…..

So all told Sails Restaurant is still the best in Apia, Samoa, and the country itself is still well worth a visit.