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Can you do Keto in Papua New Guinea?

Keto in Papua New Guinea

Keto is that theoretically perfect diet where all you do is eat meat and avoid carbs, something easier to do in some countries than it is in others! So can you do keto in Papua New Guinea? The short answer is that keto is really damned hard to do in Papua New Guinea.

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What is the Papua New Guinea Cuisine?

Generally speaking meat tends to be a treat in Papua New Guinea, with pigs being of such value they are used to pay for wives! Chicken is a little more readily available, but the primary diet consists of carbs upon carbs upon carbs. Potato, sweet potato, taro and any other root vegetable you can think of.

Fruit is also a hugely important part of the diet, again not exactly making keto in Papua New Guinea all that easy. There are though ways around it, with a bustling street food scene, as well as a national dish that is all about the meat.

 Keto in Papua New Guinea

How to do keto in Papua New Guinea

Every major city, or conurbation has decent supermarkets of the Australian standard, these will see things like beef jerky and of course meat that you can cook yourself, as well keto friendly nuts! Sadly they are also very pastry heavy, with great pies and sausage rolls. If you are really desperate it is possible to eat around the pastry.

When it comes to the street food of Papua New Guinea it is here that you have great keto options. Chicken is sold everywhere, usually not breaded and just fried, or cooked in coconut milk. Saveloys, yes saveloys are also everywhere, which aside from being awesome is about as keto friendly as you can get.

The main places for street food are known as Kai Bar and they also do stuff like beef curries. Alas no sides as all sides are rice, taro, sweet potato, or the like.

Keto drinking in Papua New Guinea

 Keto in Papua New Guinea

Liquor is damned expensive in Papua New Guinea and vodka and soda are not exactly readily available. You can get vodka at supermarkets, but beer is really gard to avoid.

For the adventurous out there though there is always firewater, or as the locals call it “piar wara”, which is made from leftover fruit and tastes like rocket fuel. You don’t mx this, it is no vodka, but I will go out on a limb and say its better than beer.

Ironically easier to do veganism in Papua New Guinea than keto, but doable if you have the patience and are prepared for the odd cheat.