Gold Spot Papua New Guinea – The best soft-drink in the country?

Gold Spot Papua New Guinea

It always amazes me how some huge countries don’t have any indigenous soft-drinks,  while other small ones have some gems, Gold Spot Papua New Guinea is such a gem!

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Soft-Drinks of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is absolutely blessed when it comes to fruit, which means juices are readily available. Not only that, but it also has its own sugar and coffee, meaning these key areas are also covered.

When it comes to sodas the main players are all in town. Pepsi seem to advertise the most aggressively, Coca-Cola are doing their thing, which means Sprite and Fanta are also in country. Fanta also regionalise a bit, with my favourite #FantaQuest item being “Creaming Soda” – more on that later.

The indigenous soft-drink though is Gold Spot and its many flavours throughout the country.

Who are Gold Spot Papua New Guinea?

The Gold Spit story is actually a pretty cool one. Originally made in country for soldiers during World War Two, this eventually led to Pacific Industries being founded in 1952 and making the brand their own.

It should be noted that Pacific Industries are also the makers of GoGo Cola, which while not amazing is not all that bad. Thus for 7 decades Gold Spot has held a coveted spot in the Papua New Guinea soft-drink scene, with availability everywhere from supermarkets to your corner Kai Bar.

Accordingly to they website they employ over 800 PNG nationals, as well as 50 expats from various countries.

Their mission “To boldly supply Papua New Guinea withe products made in Papua New Guinea” – Hurrah to Gold Star! And if their map is anything to go by they have made a pretty serious dent into PNG, no mean feat when you consider how sparse and rugged much of the country is.

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What are the different flavours of Gold Star Papua New Guinea?

Amazingly there are seven flavours of Gold Star soft-drinks in Papua New Guinea, covering every feasible entry you could fathom for a good old #SodaQuestt! And of course I tried them all for scientific Drink Guy purposes.

I shall list them bottom up in terms of prurience

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How does Gold Spot Pineapple Taste?

Pineapple soda is my least favourite soft-drink flavour, so this one loses out here. Not that bad, but a little too sweet for my liking.

How does Gold Spot Lemonade taste?

This has obviously taken some incorporation from Solo, nut lacks the sour goodness of the former.

How does Gold Spot Lime taste?

They version of Sprite for all intents, not all that bad and mixes well enough with vodka.

How does Gold Spot Organelle taste?

OK, so iy would lose at #FantaQuest, but is also not all that bad. A good steady orange soda.

How does Gold Spot Raspberry taste?

In second place Gold Spot Raspberry is really good. Super refreshing and another one that goes great with vodka, or moonshine.

What is the best soda in Papua New Guinea?

To me it is hands down Gold Spot Creaming Soda. I am not sure where the Creaming Soda language leap was made, but its kinda like cream soda, but with more fruit. Fanta do they own version of this, but it is an inferior product to the Gold Spot variant.

So, there you have it Gold Spot Papua New Guinea, a great soft-drink and you get to support a plucky local upstart over the Evil Empires of Coke and Pepsi.

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