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Best Value Restaurant in Siem Reap – Khmer Taste

When it comes to sheer unadulterated value for money then Cambodia truly takes some beating, particularly with when it comes to food. At Khmer Taste Restaurant in Siem Reap though this goes to obscene levels.

Located not all that far from Pub Street, as well as the notorious girly bar area you will find a plethora of bars and restaurants here, none of which though are nearly as cheap as Khmer Taste.

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What the Khmer Taste Restaurant?

Right in the downtown of Siem Reap, this is actually a great place for restaurants in general. Here one find Temple, much Siem Reap street food, as well as the best burger in Siem Reap at Jungle Burger.

Located right slap bang in the middle of this is a bit of a Siem Reap institution, namely Khmer Taste. The crucial MO of this restaurant is cheap Khmer food, as well as cheap drinks, both of which are delivered.

It is semi outside and while it can host perhaps 100 people you will rarely see it not filled to the rafters with tourists and expats alike.

Khmer Taste Address;

Address: Sok San Rd, Krong Siem Reap 17252

Phone: 012 830 102

Cheapest Drinks in Siem Reap

Lets start with drinks! Firstly they have 50 cent draft beer, which while cool can I often find bring in the dregs, which you do see here.

It is though the cocktail list that kicks ass and brings in the masses. Mojito, Passion Fruit Mojito and Gin Fizz (among others) for just $1 a glass. And it does not end there with them even offering shots like Pastis for a buck.

Soft drink wise the same price structure is followed as they offer fruit shakes, juices and the like again at one, rather then three, four bucks. For me personally I quite literally order 5 drinks immediately upon my arrival.

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Cheapest food in Siem Reap at Khmer Taste Restaurant

And then there is the food! The menu is quite literally 5 pages long with I would guess 60+ diets on offer. Quite simply these cover just about every Khmer dish that most can be thought of, with a few exceptions.

This of course includes sticky rice with mango, lort cha, fried rice etc etc, but also slightly weirder ones like frog. My personal weapon of choice here though is Lok Lak, which while not the best in the whole country is quite literally $3.

They of course also have western food, which again goes through all the major food groups, which includes fried eggs with bread for like $1.50, as well as pretty much anything else you can think of.

There’s even a special list, which usually includes their $1 chicken burger. Just how good is a $1 chicken burger? Well I think my friend put it best by saying (in a French accent) “This is not the best burger I have had, but it is the best $1 one I have had”.

In other words come to Khmer Taste Restaurant in Siem Reap with realistic expectations and you will leave here happy..

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