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Street Food Sagada in 2024

Formerly one of my favorite places for Street Food, Sagada seems to have taken a Covid battering. It is though still worth visiting and there is still at least a small Street Food Sagada scene, at least for now.

This means it is still worth dropping off here and spending the night when you come to visit the Hanging Coffins.

What the Sagada?

Located in Mountain Province this town most famous for its former head hunting residents, their residence to the Japanese, as well as how they bury their dead. This is where the whole hanging coffins things comes from.

The town is very small and is linked to Banaue Rice Terraces, the capital of Bontoc, as well as the famous Wang Od and her tattoos.

Street Food Sagada

There used to be street food galore here, but this has seemingly changed! Said Sagada street food come in the most part around the market area, where you could get Flippino BBQ, as well as 5 day old ducks.Yes with balut, this truly makes it the least lucky animal in the country.

Nowadays this seems to have gone, but you will still find many restaurants of varying quality just before the main street. Mostly these serve Filipino fare, but we also found some “fried chicken” which was not bad despite being cold.

Where to eat in Sagada?

THe Sagada restaurant scene has got so bad that what was previously the most famous restaurant, namely Yogurt house could not even be bothered to serve my group of 10 people.

Fear not as instead went next door into Maries Yoghurt place., which while not reinventing the wheel saved up a treat.

Street Drinking in Sagada?

Not only is their a curfew here, but there are not actually any bars either. They do though have multiple places selling the locally made “wine”. This comes in varying fruits flavors and is more a liquor than a wine. It is though good.

Combine this with some fiery Tanduay Rhum and telling ghost stories at your homestay gets even more fun.

And the best breakfast in Sagada?

Not sure why I went arse about face here, but the hotels in Sagada are not great, meaning that homestays are the way to go. These again vary in quality, but our one, which we have used for 5 years has great rooms, and amazing breakfast and an area just for the drinkers.

So, while Sagada might not exactly be a party town, you can bailly waste away a few days here.