Best Sashimi in Ermita – Kushimasa Japanese Restaurant

Kushimasa Japanese

The Philippines gets bagged a lot for not having great food, but actually they do, it is just all imported for the most part. And this is what led me back to having sashimi at Kushimasa Japanese restaurant in Ermita.

Why Japanese food? Well this area is popular with both Japanese and Koreans, which means there is a tonne of choice when it comes to these things. In our experiences Kushimasa does it better than the local rest.

What the Kushimasa Japanese Restaurant?

2nd/Flr Salud Bldg 1571 a

Mabini St Cor P Gil St, Bgy 668,

 Zone 072 Ermita,


Essentially the Ermita part of Manila, famed for its nightlife and very near the pumping Korea Town of Manila, which is not as good as the one in Angeles City.

The food at Kusgimasa Japanese Restaurant

As you might expect it is Japanese, but the great thing is it is done by actual Japanese people with them even having authentic Japanese seating, although personally I opt for the human chairs.

Menu wise it is a wide array of sushi and sashimi, with some great value sharing platters that feature all the favorites, even sea urchin. And thankfully they have real wasabi, not the wimp stuff used in most phony Japanese restaurants.

Drinks wise it is a little bot limited, but they have at least some highballs, as well as sake and soju. The thing in the Philippines right now seems to be litter bottles of Jinro, which with the extra strength can really blow up your night.

The Kushimasa Japanese Restaurant Vibe

Great staff, great location, great atmosphere and room to have  craic. We once asked the girl for “bukkake”, which she replied she did not know, we thus told her to look it up.

Hilarity prevailed and a good night was had by all…..