7 Best Things to do in Tuvalu

Best Things to do in Tuvalu

Regular readers to the Street Food Guy/Paiawara man website will know that I have more than a passing affinity for Tuvalu, in fact I freaking love it. So, what makes it so great and what are the best things to do in Tuvalu? Here’s my take on things.

So, Tuvalu is my favorite country in the world. Many ask me why, but it is really hard to pinpoint. Instead I will just pass on mt top things To do in Tuvalu…..

7th best things to do in Tuvalu – Crash a party

If you stay at the Funafuti Lagoon Hotel you will undoubtedly be there when there is a party and more often than not you will get an invite to party with the people. This gives you a chance to try Tuvaluan cuisine, as well as watch local dancing.

We even go for dinner with the Taiwanese ambassador.

6th Nest Thing to do in Tuvalu – Eat

OK, so not a hop skip and a jump from the last one, but Tuvaluan food is pretty good. There are lots of root vegetables, as well as amazing fish. This includes raw tuna, which is cheap and plentiful, as well as fish that is literally caught from the sea and eaten prepared almost live.

You can read about Tuvalu street food here.

5th Best thing to do in Tuvalu is go to the one bar…

Tuvalu, or rather Funafuti has quite literally one bottle and bar, a place where I have managed to get myself on the wall of shame. We did New Year here and the locals sure know how to dance drink and party.

4th Best thing to do in Tuvalu – drive down the runway

So the runway for Funafuti Airport deals with two flights a week at best, meaning that at other times they use the runway for sports and the like. You are not really supposed to, but you can speed your bike down the runway fast, something we really like to do.

Technically this could get you arrested in Tuvalu, but actually the cops are really nice.

3rd best thing to do in Tuvalu is go island hopping

Tuvalu is about much more than just Funafuti with there being lots of other islands and atoll many of which are not all that far away, whilst others can take over 10 hours to get to,

And many are populated which means a chance to get a true glimpse at Tuvalu life.

2nd best thing to do in Tuvalu is watch plane land or take off

When a plane comes into Funafuti the sirens go off and everyone must clear from the runway. You then get the chance to get really up close and personal and watch the Fiji Airways prop plane take off and, or land.

There are few international chance to get as close to landing as this.

And the best thing to do in Tuvalu is ride a motorbike

The winner, the cream of the crop and our favorite thing to do in Tuvalu is rent a scooter and quite literally drive around the island. This give you the chance to see everything, but also be part of local culture as this is what Tuvaluans also do every evening. With the exception of prayer time….

Going off alone and doing this truly gives you the chance to see Funafuti at your own pace, stop to take pictures and truly take on what it is like to visit paradise.

And you can do all of these things on the Least Visited Countries Tour with me and Young Pioneer Tours.