What’s it like to fly and eat on Nauru Airlines

Nauru Airlines

If you want top visit Nauru, Kiribati, or even the Marshall Islands, then you ill most likely need to partake in traveling with Nauru Airlines. So, what is it like to fly eat and travel with Nauru Airlines? Overall pretty damned good, as well as much more reliable than United Airlines.

And why was I on Nauru Airlines? Well as part of my 6th time leading the YPT Least Visited Countries Tour of course!

What the Nauru Airlines?

The state carrier of the least visited country on earth, namely Nauru they are not the first ever airlines to grace to the skies of the country. That honor fell to Air Nauru, sadly long since bankrupt.

Nauru Airlines though are ran extremely professional though and as a successful business, with destinations including Majuro, Tarawa, Brisbane and even Christmas Island of Kiribati – which I am aiming for next year.

And they’re a bit like a bus, running the very reliable island hopper service. Price wise they vary greatly, but do offer group discounts, as well as promotions throughout the year.

This is though the Central Pacific, this is not budget airline territory…..

What are the Naur Airlines planes like?

Generally they run a fleet of737.300’s which are based in both Brisbane and Nauru. Now Nauru is one of the most obese countries on earth, which means they to cater for tubby people like me. This means lots of leg and stomach room, a grand thing for a man of my stature.

There’s no entrainment as such, but hey most “flights” are one hour, but alas this can at times be done one 4-6 trip bursts which I shall explain later.

What is it like eating on Nauru Airlines?

Eating on Nauru Airlines is almost as unique as eating on Air Koryo, although also very very different. There is no mystery burger on Nauru Airlines.

There similarity comes from the fact that your meal or snack is pretty much freshly made, rather than being purchased from a flight food supplier. You know how “beef noodles” and “spaghetti bolognese” are the same on flights, not with Nauru Airlines.

This sees seasonal Christmas meals, TimTams included, while snacks canc consist of bananas with crackers and Vegemite.

Yes this of course can also make it a bit hit and miss, but it also makes it probable one of the most unique at least.

And you know what? As an island  hopper service which can stop 6 times before you get to your destination, it can mean getting 6 meals, or snacks in one stretch. Yep the Nauru people are a bit tubby, but they will not allow you to go hungry.

The Nauru Airlines flight experience

You know how you see all those old photos of what it used to be like to fly on planes, well Nauru Airlines kind of feels a bit like that to be fair and this is for many reasons.

There’s the aforementioned room, the non-processed food, but also the feeling that staff are genuinely OK with you being on board, something you truly do not get on other airlines. Overall a cracking experience.