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Riding the Paoay Sand Dunes

Paoay Sand Dunes

Many years ago while looking for mausoleums and the like I found myself post-Pagapud in Paoay. This small town is most famous for its church, but this is not the only fun to be had, with the Paoay sand dunes also being worth a look.

Prior to the fun that was Covid-19 this place was a big deal, yet while things are not quite as busy, or as expensive as before it is still well worth a look.

What the Paoay Sand Dunes?

Essentially this is a beach area where the sand has come majorly inland. This has made sand dunes, from which enterprising businessmen have purchased 4X4’s and ATV’s to give people their jollies.

This is just 10 minutes from the old church and maybe 3 minutes from the beach town of Currimao.

Paoay Sand Dunes Address

Brgy. 33 La Paz, Laoag, Luzon 2900 Philippines

Paoay Sand Dunes Jollies

Essentially there are 3 main activities here, 4X4 which costs 2500 PHP ($40) with a driver, ATV, which is 1500 PHP ($28) with a quad bike and a guide, as well as the sand boarding which is either free, or 100 PHP ($1.80).

I have personally sampled all three of these, with the 4X4 being tailored to how fast you want it to be. Last year we did this we chose the ridiculously fast and dangerous option. This I did not enjoy. As part of said trip you get to go to the top of a hill and bomb it down.

This year I did the quad biking, or ATV at the Paoay sand Dunes, which meant I could really go at my pace. This I love not just for the pace, but for the fact that we could go along with the 4X4, as well as stop for some excellent photos by the sea.

Lastly there is the sand boarding, which again makes for prime photos and videos, as well as being pretty fun.

Our time at Paoay Sand Dunes was duly finished with me and Justin Martel of Pioneer Media duly riding off into the sunset Thelma and Louise style, before some Paoay street food and the onward journey to La Union.