6 Must Do Things in Palawan

Things in Palawan

Supposedly the best island in the world, at least according to something I once wrote everyone about everyone is defending on this island. What though are the must do things in Palawan for the more refined traveler?

6 Must do Things in Palawan

Here’s The Street Food Guy what the do on things to do in Palawan are….

Things in Palawan to Eat – Tamilok

OK, so Tamilok is so gross that it even has the word challenge after it – as in the tamilok challenge, but you adore gross food as much as me then this is a true must. Taste shloafway between snot and man milk…..

Tamilok challenge VDO on TikTok.

Things in Palawan to do – Island Hopping in El Nido….

El Nido is old hat and where all the hipsters go, BUT it is where the island hopping is still pretty amazing. Sadly there are too many people here now, but good island hopping combined with a great nightlife make it worth a few days.

Things in Palawan you didn’t know about – Port Barton

A true hidden gem and somewhere you can combine a perfect beach holiday with things like island hopping and really bad karaoke. Yes this is a real holiday in the Philippines.

Things to do in Palawan with a mango…..

Palawan has legitimately the best Mangoes that I have had ever in my life and they make the most of this. You can ge mango mojitos, mango coladas and best of all mango daiquiris. They also perfectly mix it with food, with seaweed, as well as raw tuna and mango really knocking me for six.

Places to eat in Palawan

Kalui Seafood Restaurant in Puerto Princesa is legitimately one of my favorite restaurants in Southeast Asia, let alone merely Palawan. Great seafood, a great price and better than any El Nido Restaurants.

Things to do in Palawan – Get a vehicle and go discover

It is easy to rent a car, or bus with a driver in Palawan and this is one of the best ways to truly discover new things here. Keep in mind that places such as El Nido, or Port Barton were formerly unknown factors.

I will add to this that getting motorbike, which costs less than $10 a day is another great option if you have the wanderlust – yeah you might crash onto the sand, but that is just part of the fun.

And those be the 7 best things to do in Palawan, at least according to The Street Food Guy….