Best Hotel at Don Mueang International Airport – Poolside Villas

Poolside Villas

If you are flying from Don Mueang International Airport and want to avoid the traffic then getting an airport hotel is a good idea. Said hotels can be split into categories, actually at the airport, or a few km’s out. For the later Poolside Villas seems to be the best value.

What the Poolside Villas

Located 3km from Don Mueang International Airport and near a bunch of other not so good hotels, Poolside Villa is as the name suggests villas by a nice big pool

Rooms as $23 upstairs, or $25 for the actual Villa, making this a no brainer for me at least,

Rooms and amenities

The rooms here are fine, with the beds being slightly small if anything. What makes the place is the nice big swimming pool that stretches the length of the actual villa and you can smoke on.

Said pool is open 7 am – 11 pm….

Technically they do no food here, but not at night, nor amusingly it was appear in the daytime either.

What to do around Poolside Villa

While the area is not exactlt action town they of course have a 7-Eleven, but nit just one, but actually literally right next to each other. Now I love 7-11, but this is even overkill to me…..

There are also some Thai restaurants as well as a limited amount of street food that is at least available during the daytime.

Anu quirks to Poolside Villa?

It’s seemingly ran by an old lady in almost Basil Fawlty type way, who insists on a deposit or instead takes your passport as collateral for your metal key.

And then there’s the food or lack thereof, but hey this is a budget hotel near the airport, so what more could you ask?