Street Food New Capital Egypt

Street Food New Capital

For those not aware, whilst Cairo is the capital of Egypt, there is a new Egypt Capital, which has the imaginative name of New Administrative Capital. I found this out by asking our guide – who confirmed what a crap name it was.

In case you are interested though it is called العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة in Arabic. So, how is the place amend is there a street food new capital scene?

What the New Capital Egypt?

 Cairo is really bloody busy and has bad traffic. It is also where lots of people live, thus making Arab spring type things really easy. Therefore they took a leaf right out of the Myanmar book and built a new city in the desert.

Although “built” is a bit of an overstatement as it is still being built and looks a little bit like Kangbashi in China. Some people have moved here though, as have embassies and the odd government ministry.

Is it worth visiting the new capital? I certainly think it is, if you like ghost towns and new builds in the desert, but I will accept that this is a bit niche.

Street Food New Capital Egypt

With the new capital being in the middle of bloody nowhere, as well as the fact we were hungry at lunchtime we decided to look for street food in the new capital of Egypt.

Sadly as a new modern build this is not the place you will find hawkers, but we did find a very cool and centrally located food court type deal, which had kebabs, shawarma, Egyptian pizza and of course Koshary.

We went for the later, which I got extra large with a full bowl of hot sauce, which went in far easier than it departed.

So, street food new capital Egypt? I give a 2/10 – with much improvement needed.