Racism in China – its real

Racism in China

I will try not to go on too much of a rant with this, but that is fairly unavoidable when you call a post “racism in China”. The fact is though that not only is racism quite real, but you feel it on a daily basis.

To cut a long story short today we tried to go into a karaoke bar at 2 am. Everything was fine until we were told we could not be served. The reason was because we were from “outside China”.

What was this particular racism in China drama about?

Essentially we went into a karaoke bar in the same building as the office we just rented. And despite their being bars and clubs lateraled around the many weird floors of this building it was not really in a place that was secret.

In fact this little karaoke bar was not only on the ground floor, but also a place we had visited earlier on. On entry I spoke to the bar we told the security guard that we were looking around only for him to tell us we had to leave. I politely said that we did not.

The manager the n came and said to me what I thought was “no foreigners allowed”. I assumed I had got this wrong before he introduced Google Translate. We were having to leave because they did not have a license to allow foreigners. Keep in mind this was happening in 2024 in Shenzhen, they very benchmark for China opening up. Many worry about China taking over the world, but when I see this I really can assure people – it is not happening any time soon.

You will never be Chinese

The saddest thing about all this is that it is something that frankly I already knew. After 15 years straight in China I had spoken about as well as seen in real time the fact that you will never be Chinese.

I personally have lived in China on/off for over 18 years, had a kid here, started a business and have paid taxes. Regardless though you will also ways be seen as a foreigner.

This pisses me off for so many reasons, but chief among them is what this means for my “mud blood” daughter, who in many respects will also never be Chinese.

It also makes me think a hell of a lot about the woke in the west faux claiming racism as they take the knee. I will tell you one thing, no one quite does racism like the Asians…..