Best Budget Hotel Wan Chai – IClub

Hotel Wan Chai - IClub

While I would for the most part buy a toilet brush if it was made by Apple, my foray into the IClub Hotel in Wan Chai was not precisely for the name, but more for the price. Did the name help? Well probably a little.

In fact what brought me to Wan Chai was HSBC bank, England vs Slovakia and the fact that the Best Western Causeway Bay was sold out.

What the Wan Chai?

Wan Chai is THE place to party in Hong Kong and a place I have previously written about, particularly regarding Street Food and DH day off.

There is tough more to it than just that, such as English pubs to watch football, the United Nations of freelancing ladies and hotels that are popular of the weekend. Make no mistake Wan Chai is an institution.

Hotels in Wan Chai

With the aforementioned #facts it is no surprise that Wan Chai and neighboring Causeway Bay are hotel hot potatoes. This measns that while there are a lot of hotels they tend to be either full, or empty.

This means huge fluctuations in price. I have spent $30-200 on exactly the same room in the same hotel here before. Things therefore are more expensive at weekends – see DH day off.

The IClub Wan Chai

The Iclub hotel in Wan Chai popped out at me for its great location and more importantly the price. It was $60 for the medium sized room, on a Sunday, with prices going down to like $50 on weekdays.

Again for context this was one of the few rooms available on the day, which means they could have charged more. Location wise it is actually in Wan Chai itself and merely 10 minutes road to the fun and games on Lockheart Road

IClub Hotel Wan Chai Address;

211 Johnston Rd,

Wan Chai,

Hong Kong

(no we do not add China on the end)

Oh and it seems to be a semi-chain owned by Regal Hotels

Facilities of Club Wan Chai

In arrival the color scheme and ;about are indeed much like you would get and Apple Store, although all the bit cheaper and knock off. This is China style.

You can read about Hong Kong here

Check in though was simple enough at least and the staff almost friendly – a victory for Hong Kong. There was/is also breakfast on the third floor from 7-10. I did not make it here though as reception politely told me it was not up to much. At least through there is a McDonalds opposite.

The only shit part? Check out was at 11, not ideal when you rock on until 5am at Churchills