Salty River Resort Kampot – The Best at under 30 bucks category

Salty River Resort

When it comes to staying in Kampot there are a few schools of thought, Principally these are staying in “town” and partying much like you would in Phnom Penh or any town, or staying out in a resort. On this trip I opted for the Salty River Resort.

Although when I say resort with regards to Kampot, I am using it in very vague terms, much like how they define “resorts” in the Philippines.

Resorts in Kampot

Reports in Kampot usually means a hotel that is by the river, or indeed many hotels that are by the river, next the train tracks, or in the countryside that offer a more rural setting than just a run of the mill hotel,

This can manifest in a few ways, with basic ones offering a few stories with rooms just being more earthly, while full on resorts have set up dirt beaches next to the river, offer huts and party like crazy. OK it is not exactly the beach, but Kampot have indeed made it their own and stamped flavor on it.

Some of the higher end ones have food, but for a real feed you are going mohave to go sample some Kampot street food, or a great burger in town.

The Salty River Resort

I ended up here for lack of a better idea, with the key points leading me to book being I fancied a “resort”, even if it was of the Kampot variety,. But also a swimming pool.

The pool was OK, but had quite a lot of leaves in while the view from the deck into the river was pretty decent. Which leads us to the rooms, which were clean and functional for the budget price oof just $26 a night – without breakfast.

The best resort in Kampot? Surely not, but the best for under $30? Certainly a leading contender if ever there was one.

Salty River Resort Address

You can get to the salty river fro $1.50 from Kampot train station and just $1.25 from downtown Kampot. Far enough away for solace, but close enough to give you food options.

Salty River Resort Address

Terkchhu Road


Note – See my previous priced based note….

Oh did I mention Salty River Resort also has a pool table? And they can also arrange trips via TunTuk to Bokor Hill and Kep.