Enjoying the spices of Aswan in 2024

spices of Aswan

While I would not call myself a spice boy (spice girl maybe) I enjoyed the spices of Aswan. And I guess I really should not be surprised as apparently the place is almost as about the spice as Dune.

So, what the Aswan? Well I will duly give this place its own guide at some point, but basically it is where you start a Nile Cruise, with it being about one hour from Cairo by flight.

Spices of Aswan

According to the guide at least Aswan was the place for spices, in part due to the fertile land. Alas said fertile land went away when Nasser as part of Nasserism built a great big bloody damn.

Not only did this this screw with the soil, but also the 75,000 Nubians that lived here.

You can read about the Nubian houses here.

Back in the day people would come here in winter, when it is not warm as fuck and then buy what they needed for the whole year. I thankfully did not need a years worth.

Trying and buying the spices of Aswan

When you visit Aswan you will see spices sold everywhere. According to our guide these were mostly fake and should be avoided, perhaps because his mate has a shop. It turns out though that said shop was pretty good.

Located in the town, I alas did not have the due diligence to get its name, It was though on the main drag and near enough to the main market street for Egyptians and near the McDonalds….

Whilst there we not only got a good chat, but also to a drink of hibiscus, as well a chance to smell everything from vanilla, to fruity teas and of course their coffee. Interestingly the guy said that Egyptians do not drink soft drinks. Except the fact that they do, with Vimto and Coke very much being nationals dishes.

I ended up, much like when I went to Bir Tawil falling in love with Hibiscus, which ended with me buying 100 grams worth for about 6 dollars. Alas I did not factor in that I have no sugar or honey and that while eating on the Royal Beau Rivage takeaways were not an option.

Overall though I wish I had more time in the city, of only to make more of the spices of Aswan.