Eating on the Royal Beau Rivage in 2024

Eating on the Royal Beau Rivage

The Royal Beau Rivage is one of the hundreds of ships that fly the Nile River cruise market. Overall a pretty adept ship, but what is it like to eat on it?

Now cruises are not usually my bag, but we do tours to Egypt and I was offered a free trip by Cadence Vacations Centre, so thought why the heck not. Just for the record, I am interested in selling said cruises.

What is a cruise on the nile like with Royal Beau Rivage?

From what I can gather the cruise market on the nile involves private companies using freelance guides, as well as contracting with various ships.

This makes sense it is far from away from the norm, with you really needing a guide to see all the best places.

As for the cruise itself, as well as the ship, they will both get their own reviews, but overall Nile cruising is a fun thing to do although ideally not in the summer. And as for the Royal Beau Rivage, that will also get its own review later. I will though say that while it is luxury compared to where I would often stay, it is not exactly 5 star.

How is Eating on the Royal Beau Rivage

As per pretty much every cruise line in the world all meals, which is breakfast lunch and dinner, as well as the odd other thing are included.

Much like other cruises you eat on the same table with the same waiters and the same people every day. I have to say that my fellow pax were great. The waiters I found pretty annoying, which I will get to on a bit.

The food overall is pretty basic,, but good with there being a good mix, but it pretty much all being Egyptian. This might seem like an obvious statement, but this is probably much less prevalent on a luxury Nile cruise. My favorite night was the Egyptian night where I once again got to have koshary, as I had any the new capital.

Drinking on the Royal Beau Rivage

This overall is the one time where the ship comes unstuck and is where the eating on the Royal Beau Rivage loses points.

Firstly I did not want to drink (honestly) so ordered a coke, ok so far right? Well no, because the waiter kept replying “beer”, leaving me to in the end having to get a bit blunt.

Secondly and while I did not notice this until the third night, but drinking on here is bloody expensive. Beers start at $4 and go up to $10, with cocktails quite literally starting at $10. As I have said before I do not mind New York prices, but only if I am in New York.

And lastly? Officially at least drinking and eating on the Royal Beau Rivage is left to only what you buy on board. Officially nothing can be brought on the ship, which includes even water. Thankfully I noticed this very late. Also I really do not care, particularly when on the the first night I quite literally had to buy my own food after not getting onboard until 3 am.

One wonders why they have even bothered to give you a fridge. Well at least the fridge and the AC barely work….

Overall though I have to say that eating on the Royal Beau Rivage as well as the sailing in general were pretty good though. Even for a fussy old sailor like myself well into the best of his middle aged years….